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North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia

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We SELL New and Used and Recycled Pallets – GMA and ODD Sized Pallets – We Custom BUILD Pallets – We Sell Pallet Nails, Nail Guns, and Staples

APEX PALLETS in Petersburg, VA serves food and beverage manufacturers and industrial customers in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland. We offer a variety of services in Pallets. We buy and sell new and used pallets. Our mission is to provide highest quality recycled pallet to our customers.

We started our company back in 2003 when we noticed  customers throwing pallets into the dumpster. We felt there was a better way to keep the pallets out of landfill, so we started recycling pallets.

Pallets are used in virtually all industries that transport products. We also specialize in the procurement, reconditioning and distribution of wood pallets to and from the manufacturing and retail sectors.

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Are You a Pallet Customer / Vendor  of APEX PALLETS?

Well you should be and here’s why….. On the last day of each month we hold a Dinner Drawing.  Every representing Customer / Vendor doing business with APEX PALLETS has a chance to win a Crisp $100 Bill or $100 Gift Certificate to the restaurant of their choice.  With every pallet order/Pallet pick up your name gets dropped into the hat.

Call us at 804-246-1499 and let APEX PALLETS service your needs.